One-On-One with Janet

Cluttered, unorganized, chaos, have these words become a part of your vocabulary? Hire me if you or your team:

• Are overwhelmed with managing multiple tasks and projects
• Work long hours and feel like nothing gets accomplished
• Lose business due to lack of systems and procedures
• Need to be more organized at work and home

I worked with clients individually and as a group, from start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises and, help them create ways to get organized to take their business and life to the next level.

3 Ways I Can Help You:
1) Discuss  your goals and how I can assist you in achieving them.
2) Strategize actions to increase productivity.
3) Tackle the workspaces to create an environment that is more efficient and attracts the business you want.

Get Organized  now! Contact Janet ..

Hear what people are saying…..

Janet’s reputation precedes her as an individual who has exceptional organizational skills. It is because of her reputation that I asked her to join my team in 2010 and in her current role Janet is responsible for ensuring that my team’s project managers and consultants adhere to deadlines as government contractors.

Janet accomplished every assignment that she is given and is capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously without missing a schedule deadlines. She has been an integral part of my team and has proven herself an invaluable resource.

In closing, Janet exercises her duties with poise and integrity. She is not only dependable, but a very hard worker and is very competent in her area of expertise. She has proved herself a person who can be trusted to handle the most sensitive matters that an organization can encounter.

Elaine (Laney) L. Johnson, CPA, MBA
President, Financial Business Solutions, LLC